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Рабочие моменты...

Примерно в такой обстановке у нас принимаются решения о поездке...
Me - Ваш покорный слуга
Him - лондонский коллега

Him: hey
Me: wow
Him (явно воспользовавшись онлайн-переводчиком): хорошая весточка - мы можем записать гостиницу и поручить ее к фирме для вас
Me: cool!
Him: i will officially invite you!
Me: great! please, send invitation with exact dates you want to see me :-)
Him: is it for training?
Me: I suppose, yes - training and help or some
Him: you tell me the dats and i'll enter it in the e-mail
Me: What do you think if we make shift for a week for sure? say, Nov., 21-26?
Him: ok - i'll check
Me: we thought about installation of your demo room or something like that... yes?
Him: er no… lots of tasks… wan link to site to site if ready including wireless, training room to setup, a couple of printers, some beer, pizza, isr's ups's to be setup and configured, all good stuff, more beer
Me: Soho trip?
Him: if you wish but 70km from here
Me: uhm. I prefer if entertainment not so far from... ;-) So, next time
Him: it is ok, train takes 25 mins
Me: So, I'll wait invitation for 21-26
Him: ok